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Optimum Action, Tailor Made

Rage Tail created one of the most versatile and high producing lures out there, the Rage Craw. Each Rage Tail product comes with a patented tail design that was created to give optimum action, splash and noise. Rage Tail products are sold in Shape Saver Tabs which minimize deformation before they are used. Another perk of buying Rage Tail products is the exclusive coffee scent. The coffee scent has been proven to attract better quality fish. The Rage Craw is an extremely versatile bait that can be put on a shakey head, Carolina rigged, Texas rigged, weightless, or even used as a jig trailer.

The Rage Craw is one of the highest preforming soft plastic lures in dirty water. The tails give off extreme vibration that works fantastically in dirtier water. The Rage Craw manages to produce in clearer water as well. This is also one of the most balanced lures in the industry. The rear-end is the heaviest point on the bait which allows that side to sit, imitating a real crawfish. A product that can be paired with the Rage Craw to maximize the imitation is the EnRAGED shakey, by Moaner Hooks. The shakey head sits the Rage Craw at a 45 degree angle, just as a crawfish would.

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Rage Craw fish.jpeg
A few fish I caught on the Moaner Hooks EnRAGED shakey/Rage Craw setup.

The Crankbait Bass Love

The skies began to clear and the wind died down, so I took advantage of the break in the weather and eased my kayak out. Earlier today, I’d caught several fish but it was time to catch some with size. Since the wind had been blowing all day, I started searching for a point that was exposed to the gusts because I knew I’d find plenty of shad there.

My crankbait of choice was a  Spro Fat John 60 Nasty Shad which fit perfectly with the clarity of the water. After a little paddling, I finally found the spot I’d been looking for and began casting. Within just a few casts, I had already caught several fish. This was also where I got my big bites – my smaller bites came from deeper water.

The Fat John is much like the original Little John, it’s just wider and only comes in a square bill version. The unique bill is much stronger than other cranks, and produces a wider wobble that moves 3″ to each side when retrieved. This design serves a dual purpose of attracting reaction strikes and also gives skeptical bass more time to examine between wobbles. The angled line tie not only contributes to the wide wobble, but also lessens the chance of line getting caught on the treble hooks. The Fat John is equipped with #3 Gamakatsu hooks.

The Fat John always produces fish for me, and it can for you as well!

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The Fat John always delivers!

Tough day on the lake? Try this.

This day started off like many days on the lake – the sky was overcast, the water was choppy and the lake was full of skiers and wave runners. It had been a long while since my last bite on a KVD 1.5 square bill. I chose the KVD because I noticed the shad being chased in 3-5 feet of water.

It didn’t take long for me to get a little discouraged about the fish I was catching – they were small, the bites were short strikes, and greatly spaced out. My confidence was down so I decided to switch it up. I needed something I could flip in grass beds that had erratic action and would hold up in cover. I decided to go with the Warrior Baits Quiver Bug.

The clouds began to make their way over me in a short amount of time so I figured that I would get a few flips in on a couple of key points before the rain started. Since I was fishing shallow, I was looking for sparse grass, which I soon made my way to. Sparse grass is a go-to for me and a key point that I always recommend making few extra casts or flips to. Bass tend to look for an irregular place to feel safe but still have room to chase baitfish. Within just two flips in the thinly dispersed grass, I had a hit. This bass was long and weighed-in at 3 lbs. It was easy to tell that it was a spawned-out female due to the long body, wide shoulders, and skinny belly. Unfortunately, after snapping a few pictures the storm was rolling in cutting my day on the lake short.

The Warrior Baits Quiver Bug is a great option when skirting grass beds or fishing cover. When I am on a pressured body of water or having a slow day, it’s my go-to for that big bite! The Quiver Bug is an extremely versatile and high producing bait. My secret to success with this bait is to either Texas-rig it or pair it with a shaky head, such as a Moaner Hooks Stiffy Jig. If you have not yet tried the Quiver Bug, I strongly recommend it!

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The fish on the left was caught on a Warrior Baits Quiver bug, while the one on the right was caught on a KVD 1.5


Warrior Baits

Warrior Baits specializes in providing a great variety of uniquely crafted baits. Each Warrior Baits product achieves this purpose through great quality, design and maneuverability, giving you the best possible experience on the water. One thing that makes Warrior Baits stand alone in the fishing tackle industry is their quality. We all know soft plastic lures are known to tear easily – especially after a big bite. However, Warrior Baits’ soft baits are made to last allowing anglers to use the same bait multiple times bringing many fish in the boat. Whether you are in a time-clinching tournament or just a weekend angler, Warrior Baits provides quality to the max. Don’t just take my word for it, try Warrior Baits and you’ll put more fish in your boat!

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