Rage Tail created one of the most versatile and high producing lures out there, the Rage Craw. Each Rage Tail product comes with a patented tail design that was created to give optimum action, splash and noise. Rage Tail products are sold in Shape Saver Tabs which minimize deformation before they are used. Another perk of buying Rage Tail products is the exclusive coffee scent. The coffee scent has been proven to attract better quality fish. The Rage Craw is an extremely versatile bait that can be put on a shakey head, Carolina rigged, Texas rigged, weightless, or even used as a jig trailer.

The Rage Craw is one of the highest preforming soft plastic lures in dirty water. The tails give off extreme vibration that works fantastically in dirtier water. The Rage Craw manages to produce in clearer water as well. This is also one of the most balanced lures in the industry. The rear-end is the heaviest point on the bait which allows that side to sit, imitating a real crawfish. A product that can be paired with the Rage Craw to maximize the imitation is the EnRAGED shakey, by Moaner Hooks. The shakey head sits the Rage Craw at a 45 degree angle, just as a crawfish would.

To learn more about the Rage Craw visit www.strikeking.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=209&Itemid=1001

To learn more about the EnRAGED shake by Moaner Hooks, visit http://www.moanerhooks.com/product-category/enraged-series/

Rage Craw fish.jpeg
A few fish I caught on the Moaner Hooks EnRAGED shakey/Rage Craw setup.