The skies began to clear and the wind died down, so I took advantage of the break in the weather and eased my kayak out. Earlier today, I’d caught several fish but it was time to catch some with size. Since the wind had been blowing all day, I started searching for a point that was exposed to the gusts because I knew I’d find plenty of shad there.

My crankbait of choice was a  Spro Fat John 60 Nasty Shad which fit perfectly with the clarity of the water. After a little paddling, I finally found the spot I’d been looking for and began casting. Within just a few casts, I had already caught several fish. This was also where I got my big bites – my smaller bites came from deeper water.

The Fat John is much like the original Little John, it’s just wider and only comes in a square bill version. The unique bill is much stronger than other cranks, and produces a wider wobble that moves 3″ to each side when retrieved. This design serves a dual purpose of attracting reaction strikes and also gives skeptical bass more time to examine between wobbles. The angled line tie not only contributes to the wide wobble, but also lessens the chance of line getting caught on the treble hooks. The Fat John is equipped with #3 Gamakatsu hooks.

The Fat John always produces fish for me, and it can for you as well!

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The Fat John always delivers!